Career Options after Attaining a B.Sc Biology Degree in India

Career Options After Completing the B.Sc Biology Degree in India

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. Biology) is one of the most popular academic degree courses among the science students after class 12th. The duration of the course ranges from 3 years to 5 years. After the completion, there is a multitude of options available for the science students. Often, students are recruited directly by big MNCs after B.Sc. Biology. They can also get placed in the various public sectors as well as private sector undertakings.

Most of the times, parents get worked up the moment their child clears 12th science board exam in biology. However, there’s no reason to worry now as you’ve got help at the click of a button at Toppr. Actually, there are hundreds of options available to the students of 12th science stream. But without proper knowledge and guidance, it does become difficult and confusing for both the students and their parents to select a suitable option for a bright career.

This article aims at providing the top career options after getting a B.Sc Biology Degree in India.

Scope for Higher Studies after B.Sc Biology

Students, who have scored above 60 percent in their finals, can apply for the Master’s courses in biology. Some leeway is offered in marks for students of the SC/ST categories. However, all the students need to write an admission test. Those who clear this successfully are called for an interview. There are various higher study options available for an aspirant with a B.Sc Biology degree. Some of the important higher study options in Biology that are chosen by the candidates who wish for a higher study in this field include the following.

  • Master of Science in Biology
  • Master of Science in Biological Sciences
  • Master of Science in Applied Biology
  • Master of Science in Conservation Biology
  • Master of Science in Computational Biology
  • Master of Science in Environmental Biology
  • Master of Science in Environmental Microbiology
  • Master of Philosophy in Plant Molecular Biology
  • Master of Philosophy in Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Sciences
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Molecular Biology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computational Biology
  • Master of Business Administration

Subjects Covered Under Higher Studies in B.Sc Biology

Given below is a list of the subjects that are covered in B.Sc Biology:

  • Advanced Biogeography
  • Advanced Cell Biology
  • Advanced Immunology
  • Advanced Molecular Genetics
  • Advanced Topics
  • Basic Pathology
  • Biostatistics
  • Cancer Cell Biology
  • Conservation Ecology
  • Developmental Biology
  • Ecology and Environment
  • Estuarine Ecology
  • Evolution and Systematics
  • Molecular Neurobiology
  • Mycology
  • Pharmacology
  • Tissue Culture
  • Toxicology
  • Virology

Other Certification Courses after B.Sc Biology

There are numerous certifications, which can be pursued after completing B.Sc Biology to improve one’s career scope. Many short-term as well as long-term certifications available in the field of Biology can be pursued in India as well as abroad. The most valid certification courses, which are internationally accepted in the teaching field in Biology are the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE) and Online Wildlife Biology Certification.

Career Opportunities after B.Sc Biology

A person with a higher degree in Biology has a great career scope ahead. The main areas where students can get jobs include the field of Biotechnology. With a Master’s degree, it will be easier to get more lucrative jobs. A few other areas where students of Biology can get jobs include:

  • Biology Content Developer
  • Biological Technician
  • Conservationist
  • Ecologist
  • Botanist
  • Geneticist
  • Horticulturist
  • Molecular Biologist
  • Plant Explorer
  • Plant Biochemist
  • Weed Scientist
  • Science Adviser
  • Forest Ranger
  • Farming Consultant

Employment Scope

The scope for a good career is quite high when it comes to Biology. With the right educational qualifications and work experience, students can get jobs in our nation or overseas.  Some of the employment areas where a person with a higher degree in Biology can utilize his talent include the following.

  • Agricultural Research Services
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Botanical Survey
  • Hospitals
  • Horticulture
  • Medical Research
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Wildlife and Fishery Departments
  • Science Centres
  • Food Institutes
  • Schools
  • Seed and Nursery Companies

Biology is a field that has seen a lot of development over the years. The Government of India is planning new undertakings as well, so there is a great scope for the aspirants in the future.

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